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Would you like to step out of your comfort zone? Do you like if someone finds your outfit unique, interesting or passionate?

If your answer to these question is YES, then you definitely are for statement jewelry!

The History

For many many years people have worn unusual clothing or accessories to show who they are or highlight their positions. We know Egyptian people liked huge and beautiful necklaces or bracelets with colorful semiprecious stones. Or many people believed that religious pieces or symbols would keep the devil far from them. No matter why, until now people seemed to wear accessories to make statements about who they are.

Metropolitan Museum of Art                                                                                                                  Bette Davis wearing Joseff Hollywood Jewelry


People do judge others based on their appearance whether or not we like it. As soon as, they take a look at the other they will put them into their boxes created in their mind about what kind of people you were. They will immediately have a picture of you, your personality and your values.

Those who are wearing statement jewelry surely will expect statements from the other, since it is meant to attract people and to increase self-confidence.


Statement jewelry is usually big: thick cuffs, chandelier earrings, bulky pendants are favorable. Statement jewelry is originally big to draw attention to itself and the wearer. But be careful how to combine them, and also take into consideration your physical appearance. Petite woman might look strange and comic with huge jewelry.

Since statement jewelry is large, wear only one piece of statement jewelry at a time. Wearing too many big designs might give a confusing look and might not look classy.

Ayala Bar and Miguel Ases are both my favorite designers. I personally have Ayala Bar jewelries they look fabolous! Miguel Ases is one my of icon designers how he uses beads, colors and shapes to create a unique piece.

Ayala Bar – a designer from Israel                                                                                                   Miguel Ases – unique beaded earrings


This style of jewelry is still blooming and you will find plenty of modern versions and original pieces, too. If you find a nice piece in your grandmother’s closet or on one of the internet sites (Ebay, Etsy, etc) for a good price, I am sure you will have a fabulous unique appearance.

Buccellati bracelet

Buccellati cuff

3. Be careful how you combine jewerly

a. As I wrote before, take your physical attributes into consideration. I am sure nobody wants to look absurd.

b. Less makeup sometimes is more. Keep your make-up colors solid and simple.

c. This advice applies to clothes, as well. Simple clothing design even highlights the jewelry

4. Popular Types

I found this great and usable table on Ebay, and it is a great help.

Bib Necklace

These tend to be short, wide, and colorful. As such, they go great with high or scoop neck shirts. A high neck gives the necklace a backdrop whereas a scoop neck outlines the necklace. The idea is simply to wear a shirt that won’t interrupt the round appearance of the necklace.

Long Necklace

These are often colorful and may also be multilayered. Since they go so far below the neck, most fashion gurus recommend skipping a belt.

Cocktail Rings

These are rings that usually feature big, colorful gemstones. They are excellent statement pieces because they can be worn with any outfit.

Chandelier Earrings

These earrings are very fashionable. They draw lots of attention to the face, so it is important to use caution when applying makeup. Let the earrings speak for themselves. In addition, choose a hairstyle that keeps the hair out of the way.

Cuffs and Bangles

These thick bracelets come in a seemingly endless variety of colors and patterns. Wear them with short or three-quarter sleeves. Let them take control of the wrists.

5. Gemstones – Diamonds are the girls’ best friend

Photo courtesy of                                                  Venus Gemstone Statement Set

Curse of the Hope Diamond

Many of us believe the power and influence of gemstones. Each gemstone is associated with special spiritual and physical properties. We receive many customer orders to use a special stone that fits the customer’s astrologic sign. It gives power or protects your health. The colors of the gemstones are great and can be easily combined with your dresses and your mood.

I found a great blog article about how gemstones effect your life.


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