Sizes / Measurements

Standard Bracelets

For bracelets measure your wrist:

Sijoux Silver Jewelry
We always provide sizes to each products and give you a recommendation to which size of wrist they fit. If you still have any question, let us know and we will help you to find a solution.

Leather cord bracelets:

If otherwise not written these are the sizes for our flat leather cord bracelets:

Small (S): fits to wrist of 13-16 cm. The bracelet is 16,5 cm long.

Medium (M): fits to wrist of 16-19 cm. The bracelet is 19,5 cm long.

Large (L): fits to wrist of 19-22 cm. The bracelet is 22,5 cm long.

Slip cord bracelets:

For slip cord bracelets measure your fist.

Sijoux Silver Jewelry

Our slip cord bracelets are of 24 cm in circumference with a full length. If you measure less You are safe to purchase it. However, if you measure more, we are sorry to say, but we do not recommend it for you.


Some of our necklaces are created with extension chain. Some types do not have extension chain, but if you think that the given size of the actual necklace is not enough for you, and you need an extra chain, we are able to add 4-6 cm long extension chain with the matching color.