How to combine bracelets to look stylish

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Many of us like to wear more than one bracelet. However, there are some rules that might be good to consider to not have a “too much” effect.

Wearing more bracelets at the same time can be interesting and fun, and we give you some tips how to do it right.

  1. Combine bracelet with the same theme. Choose similar simbols, such as heart, cross, flowers or gemstone beads.
  2. Wear the same type, style or brand bracelets but in different colors. The different colors look great together specially if your outfit is little bit of boho style.
  3. Choose the same metal combo. Recently the range of different colors, such as silver, gunmetal, rosegold and gold give a great opportunity to have an interesting look. Try to wear the same colors of different types on your wrist.

Whatever you do wearing lots of bracelets is fun and very trendy. Enjoy the variability of them.

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