Sijoux silver jewellery is open

Sijoux Silver Jewelry
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Welcome to our site!

We are happy to announce that our shop is open. 

We love jewels and like to create affordable and everyday wearable pieces. We have been designing jewels for more than a decade. Our main designer and owner of Sijoux  works with beads and silver, as well. Her passion and commitment to jewels is a guarantee that you, our customer, will get a unique piece of good quality.

When you start exploring our products you will see that we have many limited pieces due to  cooperation with other designers or selected semiprecious stones. Limited piece means you will receive a unique, one of a kind jewelry available for a certain period of time or in limited quantity.

All our pices are 925 or 936 sterling silver based, many of them are white rhodium plated, yellow gold and rose gold plated. Each piece is hallmarked, that is your guarantee. Rhodium and gold plated jewels do not tarnish, and if you take a good care of them, they last for more than a decade. Most of our elements and material are made and designed in Europe. Semiprecious stones come from different parts of the world.

Sijoux jewellery
Sijoux Silver Jewelry

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