Certificates and Warranty

Our company is registered by the Slovak Precious Metal Office, therefore, each pieces is checked and hallmarked by them before released for sale. Our registration number is 5/039/191/19.

Our jewelries are hallmarked with our own hallmark of Z-S and by the Slovak Precious Metal Office. This is your guarantee that you receive controlled pieces.

sijoux hallmark


Silver jewelry

All our silver jewels are made of 925 sterling silver, nickel free. It is an alloy of silver containing 92.5 by weight of silver and 7.5 by weight of other metals.

As you may know, silver can slowly turn black or tarnish over time. This nature of silver is the proof you have real silver in your jewel, a kind of quality guarantee.

To avoid jewels to tarnish and turn black, some of our silver jewels are covered with a thin rhodium layer or are gold plated. Rhodium plated pieces keep their original qualities for a very long time. Do not darken, do not tarnish. They are resistant to all kind of discoloration.

When applied as a thin plate, it affords a durable finish of exceptional brightness. You must know that rhodium is more expensive than silver and even gold. It holds the distinction of being one of the world’s most expensive precious metal given it is rare and difficult to extract.

Silver 925 White rhodium plated jewelry

Jewelry covered with white rhodium. Visually, they are darker than the silver versions and resemble with gold. Layer rhodium thickness is 0,2 µm.

Gold plated jewelry

Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of silver by chemical or electrochemical plating.

Unless otherwise stated, all our gold plated jewels are plated with a 4-micron layer of yellow or rose gold, which is in line with the European standards. The base material we use to put the gold layer on is either 925 sterling silver.

Silver 925 18K rose gold plated

Jewelry covered with two layers of 18-carat rose gold: primer and finish coat, which makes gold plating more durable. Layer gold thickness is 0,4 µm.

Silver 925 24K gold plated

Jewelry covered with two layers of 24-carat gold: primer and finish coat, which makes gold plating more durable. Layer gold thickness is 0,4 µm.

Care tips

Each jewel requires special care. Here below you’ll find some tips to prolong the life of your jewels. As always, kindly contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

  • Avoid wearing your jewels permanently. This, because the simple contact of silver with your skin can accelerate the tarnish process. As a result, we recommend that you do not wear your jewelry while you are home, in bed or during sport activities.
  • Jewelry should be stored away from light and heat, in an individual protective jewelry box (you might use our box goes with your jewels) or pouch. This simple tip will make sterling silver tarnish slower. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.
  • Remove jewelry when performing manual tasks, involving chemicals, cleaning or make-up and cosmetic products.
  • Don’t wear jewelry while bathing, in swimming pools and spas. Chlorinated water and soap can react with the metals causing color changes and even structural damage. 
  • To clean your jewels, we recommend using a dry and soft cloth. Avoid using paper towel which may scratch your jewels. If you need to use water, make sure you use lukewarm water.
  • Silver pieces can be cleaned gently with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.
  • Avoid using ‘dip’ polish or abrasive jewellery cleaners as these contain harsh chemicals and can destroy your jewellery over time. We also do not recommend the use of any jewellery polishing cloths which have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents.


We  generally have a 12 month guarantee policy applies to online purchases from our stores.

Exceptions and exclusions:

  • Any damage to jewelry caused by neglectful, abusive or natural wear and tear are not covered. Damages, such as hit or knocked is easily found under inspection.
  • Any jewelry that has been repaired by another jeweler.

Sijoux reserves the right to reject any returns that do not comply with the conditions stated above.

Defects incraftsmanship or materials are what the warranty does cover.

Our sterling silver, gold and rose gold plated jewellery have a warranty of 12 months and our corded products 6 months with proof of purchase.

You’ll find detailed information in Terms&Conditions.


We fully understand your cord bracelet may have been on some adventures with you, so we are happy to maintain a re-cording service. The service costs 10.00 EUR, where your cord with silver ends will be replaced. Please allow 4 weeks for this item to be returned back to you.