Best way to store jewels at home

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For being a jewelry maniac myself, I consider my own jewelries in our sleeping room as great decorations deeply attached to my personal life, too. So besides having the pictures of my children on the wall, some of my favourite jewels are hanging on the top of my book shelf (a great piece from Ikea) adding a slightly girlish atmosphere to the left side of the room.

I have decided to share some great ideas how to store your jewels at home. Many of them you can do yourself, a great adventure to have fun with your friends or with your elder daughter. There are so many creations on Pinterest that I am sure you will find the one that perfectly fits to your jewels or your home. 

Sijoux Silver Jewelry


My favorite ones: concrete cones. Since I like geometric froms, the best choice for me.

I have ordered these pieces via Etsy from a Polish girl, Monika (KREFTWORK). Great work and  they look fabulous on my table. I like how the matt colored cones with a tiny metal effect top give a perfect background to the shiny silver jewelries.

Usually they are avalaible for rings and bracelets.

I found a side with step by step instructions and photos how to do it if you want to try yourself out.


If you are the quick type, you like  to grab quickly something and run these designs are for you!

These holders are great to oranize your jewelrs, however still easy to find what you want. These holders are a giving a touch of your soul to the room decoration. Avoid adding too many, it might look messy and unstylish. 

Other great table jewelry holders you might purchase from the following sites:


You can also put organizers on the wall. My first choice is from Ikea, I like the minimalist style of it. You can use for mainly anything which is not heavy. You might purchase different hooks accessories to it, and it is available in white color, too.

The second option is a redone bookshelf. I found this great design on Etsy, but I am sure  you can do it. OR ask you hubby to do it for you 🙂

Click here for Ikea:

For the handmade wood organizer on Etsy click here:


If you are so lucky to have a seperate drawer all you need is a jewelry tray to organizes your treasures. This way you can keep them off from sun light and from dust.

I found these great pieces here:


Now that you have purchased your silver jewels, your next thought is how to protect them from tarnishing. First thing I have to say, and I am deeply sorry for it, quality silver jewels will tarnish with times. However, there are ways you can make this process slow.

  1. Keep you jewels in anti-tarnishing box. These boxes are usually coated or the wood is treated with a special laquer. Please avoid uncoated boxes, specially oak, because it may even hasten this process.
  2. You can also add silica gel to your storage. Usually you throw out plenty of them after opening a package. KEEP THEM and put them into your jewelry box to absorb moisture.
  3. Put your silver jewels into soft clothes or jewelry bags not to scratch them. OR keep your jewels in the original box they came with.

Tarnishing is NOT the the end of the world, it can be removed! Therefore, it is better to protect you jewels by keeping them stored in the above mentioned ways.

I found this perfect and classical jewely box on Etsy:

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